Dear friends!

We are happy to welcome you here, on our workshop's site, dedicated to the props for food and commercial photography. Here you may find perfect stuff for your work or hobby. We love our products and make all things possible to let you like them too!

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Decorators' Department 

The major part of our production is photobackdrops, both wooden and concrete, in stock and made to order. We have three standard sizes of our backgrounds: 60 * 60 cm (24 * 24"), 70 * 70 cm (27,5 * 27,5") and 60 * 90 cm (24 * 35,4").


Blacksmith forge

Our great pride is our unique Metal Craft Collection - a palette of specially designed and crafted utensils made of steel and textured in our own style. These props will add extra charm and brutality to your shots. The combination of dark blue steel and aged wood creates real wow effect for the pictures you take!

The woodworks

In our woodwork workshop we do not only make wooden backgrounds but also beautiful boxes and trays. Furthermore, we cooperate with other artists and try to create fair and comfortable community in this sphere.
We offer great variety of colors and finishes for these products, or while making the order you may write in comments your wishes regarding the finish you want.

The Accessories and Vintage Department

Vintage stuff and textile runners and napkins are also a significant part of our store. We search for old and outstanding props for all over the world and have the proven suppliers from Europe and USA. This part of the catalogue is rather small now, due to our own photography activity (we use to hand it over to local Clients for a rent), but it will expand.

Food Photography backdrops and Props