Ekaterina Demina's Food Photography Workshop

Once upon a time there lived an amazing photographer, Ekaterina Demina, who decided to help other foodlovers to take their photography to the next level. And thus the foodstyling class began.

Ekaterina Demina is a well-known Russian photographer who works for several magazines including Bread&Salt with Yulia Vysotskaya Magazine and Jamie Magazine. She has an incredible experience in food styling and food photography. So it was a great pleasure to take part in her workshop.

It was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. Ekaterina told the participants about the idea and the concept on the future image, how to choose the backgrounds and props, to create the compositions and the camera angle to emphasize the effect of the shot.

Then the participants could make the composition from the scratch themselves. There were a lot of backgrounds and props – vintage, wooden and metal - at their disposal, provided by us.

Here is a small video from the class.

And some photos

Photo by: www.instagram.com/5_stol

Photos by: www.instagram.com/svetlana_elli/    www.instagram.com/5_stol/

Photos by: www.instagram.com/korovina_masha     www.instagram.com/annamerkurova

Photos by: www.instagram.com/limancello

Photos by: www.instagram.com/svetlana_elli/    www.instagram.com/zel_cakes/

Photos by: www.instagram.com/kuzunechka/    www.instagram.com/tochka_rossy/