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21 August 2017 17:40:09

Good evening to all! We are pleased to represent a new surface in dark blue shades called Indigo.  More→

10 August 2017 12:14:12

Dear friends, good news! We decided to extend the discount for shipping prices until the end of August.   More→

07 August 2017 20:22:50

Hi guys! I can't stop myself from showing you our new metal box on the great shot by Anastasia Zurabova @azourabova with fresh raspberries! Love its texture and distressed look!   More→

26 July 2017 13:44:29

Hi guys! Recently we have designed some new surfaces, and today I'll show you my favorite one: The Dune.  More→

26 July 2017 13:38:36

Today we're going to show you our brand new metal box!   More→

24 July 2017 16:40:00

Wow! Great news, guys! We give significant discount on shipment prices for backdrops if you make order from July, 24th till August, 8th!   More→

18 July 2017 15:56:44

Hey, folks! How's your summer? Is it hot enough to take a glass of fresh citrus lemonade?   More→

05 July 2017 16:33:13

Hi guys! Pleasured to represent our new semi-smooth surface called "Graphite".   More→

04 July 2017 15:38:21

Once upon a time there lived an amazing photographer, Ekaterina Demina, who decided to help other foodlovers to take their photography to the next level. And thus the foodstyling class began.   More→

04 June 2017 13:17:47

Sunday afternoon is the best time to leave all the rush behind, cook something tasty and invite friends for dinner. Today we decided to make a very colorful and positive pumpkin soup!...  More→

03 June 2017 15:40:01

Hi there! Summer isn't quick this year. The lilac that is always in blossom in the middle of May, just came into leaf now. So we couldn't miss that...  More→

03 June 2017 00:44:17

Good day to all our English-speaking friends! It is said that nowadays if you are not getting better you are getting worse. We are happy to announce a new step in our surfaces' protection...